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The Chilean Ambassador ( Aldunate) to the Secretary of State


The Ambassador of Chile has the honor to greet his excellency the Secretary of State, and to remit herewith a copy of the answer of the Chilean Government to the note of the Chargé d’Affaires of Brazil in which he states that, in view of the pending entrance into the war of the United States of America with Germany, the Republic of Brazil intends to repeal the decree of neutrality towards the belligerents of Europe.


The Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs ( Huidobro) to the Chilean Ambassador at Washington ( Aldunate)

No. 51. Yesterday I returned the following answer to the note of the Chargé d’Affaires of Brazil:

Mr. Chargé d’Affaires: I have had the honor to receive your polite note dated the 4th instant, by which, in the name of His Excellency the President of Brazil, you are pleased to apprize Chile that the Brazilian Republic has resolved to revoke, in the present state of belligerency between the United States of America and Germany, the decree which fixed its rules of neutrality in the European war.

In reply I take pleasure in saying to you that Chile, bound to Brazil of old by the closest ties of fraternal cordiality, has watched with the keenest interest in these difficult times the developments in its foreign policy brought about by the efforts made in the present European conflagration to impose restrictions on the maritime sovereignty of the neutral powers.

My Government understands that the measures adopted by Brazil under these circumstances are not prompted by warlike ambitions but by the lofty spirit of defense of, and regard for, its rights and in compliance with the declarations on the same subject, which I have already had occasion to formulate in common with the other Latin-American nations.

The identity of juridical conceptions and the fitness of a policy of harmony on the American Continent are factors which constrain the Government and public opinion of Chile to lament, now more than ever, the cause from which those events have sprung.

You further say that the policy now pursued by Brazil is traditional, has precedents in the old regime, and has always been observed when the interests of sister and friendly nations of this continent were affected.

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My country is particularly sensible of, and gratified by, that recollection.

Your communication ends with an honorable declaration of principles making it of record that, whatever may happen, the Government of your Republic will not swerve from the duties flowing from its conscience of a free people and will maintain the guaranties due to all rights, public and private.

These lofty views will meet with the unanimous applause of all the peoples for whom juridical culture constitutes one of the most valued conquests of civilization.

I renew to you [etc.]