File No. 763.72/4415

The Guatemalan Minister ( Méndez) to the Secretary of State

[Copies of the following translations of telegrams exchanged between the Guatemalan Minister at Washington and President Estrada Cabrera of Guatemala, were left by the Minister at the Department of State on April 27, 1917.]

The President, Guatemala: The Secretary of State in behalf of the President, appreciating and highly thankful for your good will, [Page 269] suggests that, in the presence of German plots which endanger the safety and independence of Central America and in the community of the principles proclaimed by the United States, Guatemala sever relations with the Imperial German Government and place its waters, harbors, and railroads at the disposal of the United States to be used in the, mutual defence of both countries.

Joaquín Méndez

The Minister of Guatemala, Washington: Replying to your cablegram of yesterday, it affords me pleasure to say to you that without any prompting and in the most spontaneous manner all that you suggest in your cablegram is done. All that is wanting is that you ask of the Department of State of the United States that in communications made to you there and to Minister Lea veil here at the same time, it be pleased to tell us that it accepts and agrees to our participation and what are the terms of defensive alliance. I understand, as I already said to you in a letter, that an exchange of notes of receipt will suffice for this.

Manuel Estrada Cabrera