File No. 763.72111Y2/19

The Swiss Minister ( Ritter) to the Secretary of State

Department of German
Interests XVI 2

Sir: Referring to my note of February 12, 1917, I am instructed and have the honor to communicate to your excellency the following cable, dated March 1, 1917, from the German Government:

The transfer already arranged of American sailors from Yarrowdale to the frontier has not as yet been possible because one of the British sailors in camp of Brandenburg, likewise from Yarrowdale, and interned with the American sailors, was found to be suffering from typhus exanthématique. Their transfer to Swiss frontier will probably take place March 7 when quarantine comes to an end. Spanish Embassy, Berlin, has been invited to have doctor of confidence visit the Americans. This afternoon, two veterinaries and two doctors from the Yarrowdale, who were in officer prisoner camp at Karlsruhe, arrived at Warnemünde for departure to Denmark.

Accept [etc.]

P. Ritter