File No. 841.857/377

The Consul at Cork ( Frost ) to the Secretary of State


Donaldson freight liner Tritonian, 2,846 tons, Halifax, bound Liverpool, general cargo and horses, torpedoed without any warning 11.35 p.m., Greenwich time, 50 miles west Dingle, February 26. Two men missing from crew of about sixty. Sole American, John Murphy, fourth engineer, saved. Weather was heavy. Westerly swell, dense darkness, light southeast breeze, no lights whatever showing. Conjecturably submarine followed Tritonian during day fearing 4.7 gun, otherwise difficult account for submarine sighting vessel in darkness. Master saw torpedo approaching ship, striking starboard bow. Ship abandoned in 30 minutes but did not sink. Boats stood by till admiralty patrol arrived 5 a.m. and towed Tritonian until 7.30 a.m., 28th, when sank. Submarine never sighted. Wireless was used Tritonian. Have joint affidavit Murphy and other officers. This message to Ambassador, Consul General. Fragments torpedo were found, disposing mine theory.