File No. 841.857/376

The Consul at Cork ( Frost) to the Secretary of State


British bark Galgorm Castle, 1,507 tons, Buenos Aires bound Queenstown, maize, attacked by submarine 4.30 p.m. February 27, 74 miles west southwest Bull Rock. Four Americans, of whom two are missing, believed lost, namely: William Jackson, 19 Beach Street, New York, age 19, white, very tall; David Walker, 81 Travis Street, Stannardsville or Seville, Greene County, Va., negro, age about 30, married. Americans saved are Henry Merritt, Beaver Falls, Pa.; Harry Richardson, 62 Hanover Street, Boston; both white; all seamen; all native Americans. Submarine fired six shells at two minute [Page 157] intervals, by which time crew were in boats and shelling ceased. Sails had been struck upon first shot but shelling continued being aimed at ship generally not at boats. Submarine hailed mate’s boat only. That boat has not been heard from. Believed lost. Captain’s boat rescued by steamship Charing Cross, 6 a.m., 28th. Weather was heavy, sea breaking, strong southwest wind, misty rain beginning dusk. Boats were in imminent danger. Submarine offered no aid. Ship carried neither gun nor wireless. Made no attempt to escape. Have joint affidavit American survivors, master and second mate. This message also Ambassador, Consul General.