File No. 857.857/87

The Consul at Havre ( Osborne) to the Secretary of State


Norwegian steamer Sjöstad, gross 1,755, Newport, Wales, to Fécamp with coal, sunk 28th, noon, locality four or five minutes from Cape Antifer, this district, either torpedoed or mined; 17 in crew; 9 missing and believed drowned, comprising 4 Norwegians, 2 Swedes, 1 Finn, 1 Spaniard, 1 American named Smith, said to be from New York, aged about 25, shipped as fireman, Newport, February 23. Ship’s papers lost. Eight survivors fell in sea; rescued by French torpedo boats, which had convoyed Sjostad, and brought to Havre. Can not take depositions until 2d.