File No. 862.20212/82A

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page )


4494. Some members of Congress are attempting to discredit Zimmermann message charging that message was furnished to this Government by one of the belligerents. This Government has not the slightest doubt as to its authenticity, but it would be of the greatest service if the British Government would permit you or someone in the Embassy to personally decode the original message which we secured from the telegraph office in Washington and then cable to Department German text. Assure Mr. Balfour that the Department hesitated to make this request but feels that this course will materially strengthen its position and make it possible for the Department to state that it had secured the Zimmermann note from our own people. Matter most urgent and I hope you can give it your immediate attention. The text of code message secured from telegraph office here is as follows:

[Here follows code message.]