File No. 841.857/370

The Consul at Liverpool ( Washington) to the Secretary of State


Cunard Company state their steamer Laconia torpedoed without warning.3 Six passengers and fourteen of crew were Americans. Two American passengers, Mrs. Mary Hoy and Elizabeth Hoy, died of exposure in boat which landed at Bantry Bay, Ireland. Four other passengers died or are unaccounted for, and six of the crew, nationality so far unknown, died. Other survivors landed Queenstown.

  1. Affidavits concerning this case are printed in European War No. 4: Diplomatic Correspondence with Belligerent Governments’ Relating to Neutral Rights and Duties (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1918), pp. 282–291, Reprinted in Special Supplement to the American Journal of International Law, vol. 11 (1917), pp. 134–144.