File No. 841.857/322

The Consul at Cork ( Frost) to the Secretary of State


Will probably be no more survivors California Death roll remaining 41, due almost wholly to drowning. Torpedo struck between fourth and fifth holds in barrels wax, no boiler explosion. Impetus of vessel carried her nearly mile beyond boats before sinking. Wireless call was sent before sinking. Naval steam sloop reached scene almost immediately. Cargo included wax, flour, grain, pork, apples, tobacco, and projectiles, all in large quantities as, ship was fully freighted. Impossible state whether submarine saw gun, but gun was visible from stern 300 yards from submarine and latter’s observation which enabled aiming torpedoes probably included noting gun; submarine thus may have had alternative of either torpedoing without warning or letting California go altogether; apparently elected former. More data may be forthcoming. No affidavits possible tonight.