File No. 841.857/320

The Consul at Cork ( Frost ) to the Secretary of State


Provisional British Furness Withy S. S. Turino of London cleared Newport News January 19, general cargo, mounted 4–inch gun visible on stern, ship complement 36. When about 80 miles southwest Fastnet was torpedoed without any warning, 2.45 p.m. Explosion killed chief engineer and three negro firemen, of whom one named Washington seems to have had some claims to American citizenship.1 Submarine showed all possible consideration after explosion, excusing absence of warning by fear of Turino’s gun; placed survivors on Italian S. S. Famiglia which submarine used as tender. All survivors except three, who were kept as stokers, were taken off at 4 p.m., February 6, and now landed Queenstown by unarmed admiralty tug, 29 in all; one native American, Calvin Bay of Fillmore, [Page 123] Utah. Am taking affidavits. Have cabled Department and telegraphed Ambassador, Consul General.

  1. According to telegrams of Feb. 8 and 9, he was of Canadian citizenship.