28. Circular Airgram From the United States Information Agency to All Principal USIS Posts1


There is a need to focus USIA worldwide output more sharply in support of United States policy objectives. This requires emphasis on a few priority themes and subjects. It means concentrating Media output on those subjects which will be most helpful to field posts in conveying these themes.

The central responsibility for policy control and coordination of media content is with IOP. The Agency has established the position of [Page 92] Director of Media Content and has appointed a senior field officer2 to fill it. The Director of Media Content reports directly to the Deputy Director of Policy and Plans.

Working with the Area offices, IOP is preparing lists of priority themes and subjects3 for approval by the Director of USIA. Working with the Media, the Director of Media Content will make certain that their activities are concentrated and coordinated on these themes and subjects. Working with the Area offices, he will review Media programs in terms of their suitability for field needs as well as their conformity with national policy and Agency priorities.

The Media will continue to give special attention to meeting field requests.

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  2. Edgar Brooke.
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