21. Telegram From the Embassy in the United Kingdom to the Department of State1

9694. “For Creel from Sisson. April 24. Trust that London News distribution center is not to be left even temporarily vacant when Suydam returns to Holland. If Russell is coming he will need an active and intelligent desk man for this place of work. London is natural clearing house for distribution and utilization. Reuters has one marked similarity to use of Westnik in Russia, the need of having material [Page 47] rearranged for it here after initial receipt. One man must work inside the Reuter machinery. Suydam has done this well for last fortnight. Material coming by cable from New York does not yet measure up, it is too long and too obvious, facts should be built up so that the reader gets his own opinion, not sign posted with the opinion desired to be conveyed, the sound rule of not handicapping fact stuff with edifying opinion should be followed. In future American doings and plans should be discounted for Continental use for awhile. Accounts of deeds are the thing. The statement that one new ship was added to tonnage today will get wider publicity than the plan for a thousand in six months. Should not one news man be stationed at army headquarters in France to wire direct to London, looks so to me, if you are to have a working machine. Am leaving Friday”.2

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Decimal File 1910–1929, Box 732, 103.93/195. No classification marking. Blue. Received April 25 at 3:07 a.m. Patchin wrote at the top of the telegram: “Copied to Creel + Irwin Apr 26, 1918. File. PHP.”
  2. April 26.