The Ambassador in Germany (Gerard) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: A committee called the National Committee for an Honorable Peace has been formed. Prince Wedel is head. Most of the people are friends of the Chancellor and of the three real heads one is an editor of the Frankfurter Zeitung which is the Chancellor’s organ. On August 1st. fifty speakers of this Committee will begin to speak, probably the opposition will come in their meetings and try to speak or break up the meetings.

The Lokal-Anzeiger also a government organ prints an editorial to the effect that Germany may take up reckless submarine war again. Great numbers of U. boats are being built and in Sept. operations will be on a big scale, though the Chancellor will try to keep them to cruiser warfare.

The prisoner question on all sides is growing acute. The Germans sent me a note today threatening stern reprisals if the alleged bad treatment of their prisoners in Russia does not stop.

We can no longer talk to prisoners alone. Von Jägow told me that after the visit of Madame Sasenoff, or Samsenoff, to a Russian prisoners camp, there was almost a riot, but the real reason is that the Germans have much to conceal. The prison food now is a starvation ration.

Two Irishmen were shot recently at Limburg. How I found this out I cannot tell.

The Alliance of the Six, really organizations fostered by Big Iron Business in Westphalia, is very active for annexation. They want to get the French iron mines and coal, and so control the iron business of the Continent and perhaps Europe.

The new Mexican Minister, Zuburan, has been here some time and has not called on me in accordance with invariable custom.

I think if Mexican question is not settled hard, now, that later The United States will have to fight Germany, secretly through Mexico.

Yours ever

J. W. G[erard]