The Ambassador in Germany (Gerard) to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary: No great news this week. By this mail you get copies of the Memo regarding armed merchant ships.15

There is a fight against the Chancellor—started in the home of the Junkers, the Prussian Chamber. The powerful liberal papers are jumping hard on the disturbers and the Chancellor hit back quite hard. These Junkers are demanding unlimited submarine war and are stirred up by von Tirpitz. It is one of their last kicks; as soon a real suffrage will have to be introduced in Prussia. The Chancellor foreshadowed this in opening this Prussian Chamber; hinc illae lachrymae.

The visit of Colonel House here was undoubtedly, from this end, a success; and I am glad that he can give the President and you a fresh and impartial view. After nearly three years my judgment is probably warped.

March 1st we go on a milk and butter card regime. I have put the Polish question (food) up to Zimmermann, and asked informally if proper guarantees against the direct or indirect taking of food and money from Poland will be stopped, if relief is sent; no answer yet.

Yours ever

J. W. G[erard]