The Ambassador in Germany (Gerard) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: The enclosed statement of a Socialist and translation of an article from a Socialist paper may interest you.9 . . .

My Greek colleague still thinks Greece will remain neutral.

Red Cross Doctor Schmitt just in from Servia says Belgrade was completely plundered.

Having lots of difficulty getting the Germans to give the English prisoners clothes. Camps usually good—found one bad one at Wittenberg, fierce dogs used on prisoners, etc.

Got out some beet seed for you—like pulling teeth, but Germans are beginning to see their embargo will not force us to go to war with England.

Hate of Americans worse than ever.

Germans are not resentful when I fight to get things for English prisoners, they only say they hope our Ambassadors are doing the same for Germans.

[Page 670]

Much disappointment Dr. Snoddy’s mission not yet permitted to work in Russia.

There was quite a Socialist demonstration in Unter den Linden last Sunday about noon. About 2000 or 3000 crying “Down with arms”—“Give us Peace” etc. Quickly handled by Police & many arrests.

Zimmermann just lunched here—says at Reichstag opening today, Hellferich, Treasurer, may possibly make a speech. Chancellor will wait until he sees how sentiment is & then cut loose, probably in about 10 days.

Yours ever

James W. Gerard
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