The Ambassador in Germany (Gerard) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I was wrongly informed about Dumba—he was not ennobled.

I had a long interview (over one hour) today with the Kaiser alone. I am supposed by rule here not to inform anyone of what he said—otherwise he will not receive me again or talk confidentially. The audience took place at Potsdam—had a special car going down & Royal carriage at station. Several ministers went down also to present their letters of credence.

An article yesterday in Socialist paper Vorwaerts is rather bitter about a new news service organized by the Government with the avowed purpose of influence [influencing] elections after the war. The Vorwaerts complains that this is a violation of the “truce” between Socialists & Gov’t for the period of the war.

Much rejoicing quietly over the Balkan situation—I think they have the King of Greece solidly on their side—here.

Having much trouble now to get British prisoners clothed in German camps. It is a delicate matter to handle. Visited one camp myself and had all prisoners about 1800 lined up with all the clothes & blankets they possessed for my inspection.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Disturbances at Chemnitz continue—strongest measures taken & military on guard. There seems more objection to high prices than to being killed in the war.

The Germans are very bitter against our Embassy in Petrograd. Also at the loan in America—& especially at the attendant banquets to the loan commissioners—must say these banquets are not very neutral.

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I hope we are getting ready for defence—If these people win we are next on the list—in some part of South or Central America which is the same thing.

Yours ever

J. W. G[erard]