President Wilson to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I am cheered to see the “ray of hope” and we must follow it as best we can.

I would be deeply obliged if you and Mr. Lansing would put the suggestions you here make into shape for immediate use in despatches, against the time when we shall see the full official text of the German note.

Page ought to be told at once that the offensive word complained of was not addressed to Great Britain, but appears only in a note sent to us and confidentially communicated to the British Government by us merely for their information and guidance.8 It ought not to stand in the way of anything that can be done.

Faithfully Yours,

W. W.
  1. See telegram No. 1668, Feb. 17, 1915, from the Ambassador in Great Britain, ibid., p. 111, and note No. 1062, Feb. 15, 1915, from the German Ambassador, ibid., p. 104.