President Wilson to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: This is the communication from the Pope to which I referred the other day. I would value your suggestion as to the manner and substance of my reply.

Faithfully Yours,

W. W.

It was brought to the Office by the Apostolic Delegate.


Pope Benedict XV to President Wilson 9

We pray Your Excellency to be kind enough to suspend your decision on the question of Submarine Warfare with Germany since we see the possibility of peaceful settlement and we hope that as far as you are concerned no incident will embarrass our effort. We are sending the same telegram to His Majesty, the Emperor.

  1. Filed separately under file No. 763.72/2690½. This undated file translation bears the notation: “Translation dictated to Mr. Tumulty by Monsignor Bonzano.” The original was in French.