File No. 774/362.

The Acting Secretary of State to Chargé de Billier.

No. 33.]

Sir: The department acknowledges the legation’s telegram of even date reporting that the Persian Government has accepted the invitation [Page 106] of this Government to participate in the International Opium Commission, which is to meet at Shanghai on January 1, 1909.

You will express to the minister for foreign affairs the gratification of the Government of the United States that the proposal for joint action regarding opium in the Far East has met with a favorable response from the Government of Persia. You may also inform the minister for foreign affairs that the Congress has made ample appropriation for this Government’s participation in the commission, and that the commissioners of the United States have investigated in this country the subject of the imports of crude opium, its derivatives, and chandu; the international consumption of crude opium, licit and illicit; the internal manufacture and use of chandu; the manufacture of morphia and other opium derivatives; the use of the crude drug and preparations of the same; the use of morphine and other derivatives, licit and illicit; the extent of poppy cultivation; and the Federal statutes regarding importation and municipal laws and ordinances governing the use of opium and its derivatives.

You will report the names and ranks of the commsisioners whom the Government of Persia proposes to appoint, and at the earliest possible date their proposed plan of investigation in preparation for the general meeting at Shanghai.

I am, etc.,

Alvey A. Adee.