File No. 10044/74.

Ambassador Leishman to the Secretary of State.


(Mr. Leishman reports that general amnesty for all political prisoners has been proclaimed, and those imprisoned are being released Says that dissatisfaction with the old régime was so general that the change has been brought about with comparatively little bloodshed, but as the demands of the liberated masses increase daily, serious troubles are likely to ensure, as the constitution granted at the beginning of the present reign, which has once more been put in force, is quite limited in character, and leaves ample room for conflict of authority between the constitutional government and the sovereign Mr. Leishman states that changes in the ministry are rapidly taking place, and pressure is being brought upon the Sultan to dismiss the palace clique, who are held responsible for the deplorable state of affairs which finally brought about the revolution, and failure to comply with these demands may precipitate trouble, as the people who have suffered so long at the hands of the unscrupulous palace camarilla are not apt to stick at either trifles or adhere strictly to constitutional lines.)