File No. 847/135.

Chargé Weitzel to the Secretary of State.

No. 346.]

Sir: I have the honor to advise that the electoral college of Panama held a formal session in this city yesterday, Sunday, afternoon, as provided by the constitution, for the purpose of declaring the result of the vote heretofore, on August 1, cast by the presidential electors in each of the Provinces of the Republic, as already reported in Mr. Squire’s No. 328, of the 7th ultimo.

It was announced that Don José Domingo de Obaldia had received all the votes cast, 258 out of a possible 269, and he was accordingly declared elected President for the term of four years, beginning October 1, 1908.

The partisans of Obaldia took advantage of the opportunity to tender him a banquet at the Hotel Central and a serenade in one of the public parks, the purpose of the demonstration being an attempt to influence the members of the National Assembly, which meets to-morrow in regular session.

At the banquet Mr. Obaldia announced that he would “live up to his promises by securing the best elements of all parties to help him govern and sustain the Republic,” and his speech is interpreted to be a bid for support sufficient to organize and control the legislative body, a majority of which is at present claimed by the Amador administration.

The National Assembly will be in session for one month before the new President takes office and will in the meanwhile exercise its constitutional prerogative of electing the “First Designado,” who is the officer next in line of succession to the Presidency.

I have, etc.,

George T. Weitzel.