The Secretary of State to the Minister of the Netherlands.

Sir: Referring to the Commercial Agreement signed this day between the Government of the Netherlands and the Government of the United States, I have the honor to inform you that instructions will be issued to the Customs Officers of the United States to the following effect:—

“Market value as defined by section 19 of the Customs Administrative Act shall be construed to mean the export price whenever goods, wares, and merchandise are sold wholly for export, or sold in the home market only in limited quantities, by reason of which facts there can not be established a market value based upon the sale of such goods, wares, and merchandise in usual wholesale quantities, packed ready for shipment to the United States.”

These instructions shall take effect not later than July 1, 1907, and shall remain in force thereafter for the term of the aforesaid Agreement. In pursuance thereof the export price of Maastricht pottery imported into the United States from the Netherlands under the conditions described in your Note of March 23, 1907, shall be accepted by the customs officers of the United States as the true market value of the aforesaid articles of merchandise.

Receive, Mr. Minister, the renewed assurance of my highest consideration.

Elihu Root.