File No. 2413/140.

The Secretary of State to Minister Rockhill.


(Mr. Root informs Mr. Rockhill that the United States has experienced great satisfaction in the expression of the Imperial Government [Page 70] of China concerning the act of Congress authorizing the remission of the indemnity, and is especially gratified by the intention of China in regard to the sending of students each year from the year in which remission begins, in which intention the United States finds a renewed expression of the confidence and friendship of China, which it prizes very highly. Mr. Root advises Mr. Rockhill that the department has called upon the Treasury for a recalculation of the indemnity payments on a basis which will accord with the intent of the act authorizing a remission and with the intentions of China in regard to the sending of students to the United States, which calculation will be transmitted to Mr. Rockhill to form the basis for the elaboration of the general scheme in regard to which China has consulted him.)