File No. 2151/106.

Memorandum from the Spanish Legation.1

The grave aspect that present events in Morocco may assume from a confirmation of the rumored deposition of Sultan Abd el Aziz, proclaimed at Fez on the 3d instant, may constrain the Government of Spain to take forceful measures, should the defense of the interests with which it has been intrusted in Morocco so demand.

[Page 643]

In spite of their importance the events that have heretofore taken place in that Empire have not yet induced His Majesty’s Government to depart from the line of conduct originally mapped out and strictly put into practice but in case incidents that are not unforeseen should make a change of action advisable the Government of Spain would like to know the Federal Government’s opinion thereon.

  1. Handed to the Secretary of State by the Spanish minister, Jan. 17, 1908.