File No. 594/24–25.

Minister Gummeré to the Secretary of State.

No. 337.]

Sir: Referring to my unnumbered dispatch of March 5, 1908, I have the honor to report that I have received a letter from the grand vizier, in reply to the letter addressed to him by myself, a copy of which was inclosed in the said dispatch, regarding the nonfulfillment of the promises made to me as to the securing of a suitable house for our missionaries at Mequinez, and demanding assurances that the said promises be carried out as soon as possible. In his said letter the grand vizier assures me that as soon as order is reestablished at Mequinez, strict orders will be given as to the fulfillment of the promises. A translation of the said letter is herewith inclosed. With the assurance that any further instructions in the matter will be faithfully carried out,

I am, etc.,

S. R. Gummeré.
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The Minister for Foreign Affairs to Minister Gummeré.

After compliments. We have received your excellency’s letter dated the 5th instant, reminding us regarding the negotiations which took place between us on the occasion of you mission to the Holy Court at Fez, and concerning the matter of a suitable house for your citizens at Mequinez, and to facilitate them in the way of securing the same; explaining the negligence and foolishness on the part of the governor of said city, though he had been instructed by shereefian orders to do what was necessary in the matter; and that on behalf of your Government you renew the demand to secure the above-mentioned (suitable house) as soon as possible in accordance with previous letters from the Maghzen addressed to your excellency, etc.

We have taken note.

We have brought the above to the knowledge of our master the Sultan, whom may God preserve, and he commanded me to answer your excellency that His Majesty has not forgotten to carry out as soon as possible the promises made to your excellency on the subject, but owing to the present situation of which you are aware, we must necessarily wait until order is reestablished at Mequinez and neighborhood, when strict orders will be given so as to fulfill what has been agreed with your excellency.

In peace,

Abdelkrim Ben Sliman.