File No. 2151/75.

Memorandum from the French Embassy.


The Sultan of Morocco would appoint a commission which would be composed of three Moorish members and members designated by the French, British, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian Governments whose nationals have most suffered at Casablanca. Countries not represented might attach to the commission a member of their legation at Tangier who would take part in the settlement of the claims of persons subject to their jurisdiction. The commission would appraise the direct damages caused by pillage and arson. Murders will be made the subject of diplomatic negotiations. Relief would be extended to the natives.

The commission would sit in equity without any special judicial procedure.

The question of the mode of payment of the indemnities will be examined thereafter. The Moorish Government, being responsible for the damage sustained, will bear the charge of the indemnities.

As soon as advised by the powers that they approve these principles France and Spain will jointly submit propositions in that sense to the Sultan.