The Mexican Chargé to the Secretary of State.

No. 202.]

Your Excellency: Referring to the previous correspondence regarding the owners of the Mexican boat Tabasqueño against the United States, and especially to note No. 220 of the department under your worthy charge, dated April 13 last, and relating to this subject, I have the honor to inform you that my Government, in behalf of the claimants, accepts the payment of the following amounts: $11,200 (eleven thousand two hundred dollars) for the cargo, $1,500 (one thousand five hundred dollars) for delay or detention, and $650 (six hundred and fifty dollars) for the fees for the attorneys of the United States, plus interest at 6 per cent on the amounts calculated as due since the time the damage was caused—July 30, 1898—until the payment is made.

I must add that, with regard to the item of $160.90 (one hundred and sixty dollars and ninety cents) for judicial costs, the claimants will follow the indications of your department by applying at the proper time and in the proper manner to the district judge of Florida and, finally, that the claimants agree that your department shall not accept the chapter on “expenses for coal,” “hotel bills,” “telegrams,” etc., and withdraw this chapter.

In view of the acquiescence of the claimants, I request your excellency to transmit, as you state in your aforementioned note, No. 220, all the documents relating to the subject to the Congress of this country recommending the payment of the amounts specified, in order that, if possible, the payment may be allowed and ordered during the present session of Congress.1

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I take pleasure in reiterating to your excellency the assurances of my highest and most distinguished consideration.

José F. Godoy.
  1. On January 20, 1909 [35 Stat, 1402], Congress appropriated $13,485.70, with interest at 6 per cent from date of seizure, in settlement of this claim. Final payment in the sum of $22,103.06, principal and interest, was made to the Mexican Embassy on April 22, 1909. Acknowledgment was made on May 7, 1909.