The Mexican Chargé to the Acting Secretary of State.

No. 47.]

Honorable Sir: As offered in my note of the 6th of July last I sent to my Government a copy of your department’s note of the 2d of the same month concerning the claim of the steamer Tabasqueño.

The department of foreign relations of my Government transmitted the contents of the said note to the interested parties, who replied that while accepting in the main your department’s proposal, notwithstanding the valid arguments they could oppose thereto, they wished to remark that:

The item of attorneys’ fees at Key West, in the amount of $650, was not, according to the claimants’ statement, discussed by your department, from which, in their opinion, it must be inferred that it is allowed. As to the courts’ fees and charges, the return of which had been offered, the claimants have not yet received them, in spite of their efforts.
They believe that their outlay in coal, cablegrams, hotel bills, etc., are sufficiently proven by the 15 vouchers filed by them. As these papers, transmitted with this embassy’s note No. 335, of March [Page 619] 11, 1905, are, to the best of knowledge and belief, in your department in the set marked “A,” I suppose, it will be easy to verify the claimants’ statement on this point.
They accept, although they consider it very small, the sum of $11,200 named by your department as an indemnity for the cargo sold out of season.

To sum up, they make the following statement of items to be paid:

1. Twenty days’ demurrage $1,500.00
2. Attorneys’ fees at Key West 650.00
3. Court costs and charges 160.90
4 Coal, hotel bills, telegrams, etc 306.00
5. Indemnity for the cargo 11,200.00
Total 13,816.90

plus 6 per cent interest from the month of July, 1898, date of the occurrence.

I beg you to be pleased to let me know whether you concur in the foregoing statement, so that I may communicate it to my Government and effect a final settlement of this case, through the recommendations referred to in the end of your note.

Accept anew, honorable sir, the assurances of my high consideration.

José F. Godoy.