File No. 2413/138A.

The Secretary of State to Minister Rockhill.

No. 469.]

Sir: I inclose herewith copy of an act of Congress authorizing the return to, the Government of China a portion of the indemnity exacted to repay losses sustained by reason of the Boxer disturbances of 1900.

The department would be glad of suggestions from the Government of China bearing upon the times and manner in which the remission shall be made. In conferences with the Chinese Government on this subject you will, of course, bear in mind the conversations which you had with the Secretary of State during your recent visit to the United States.

I confirm the department’s telegram of the 25th instant on this subject.1

I am, etc.,

E. Root.
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[Public Resolution—No. 29.]

JOINT RESOLUTION To provide for the remission of a portion of the Chinese indemnity.

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President is hereby authorized to consent to a modification of the bond for twenty-four million four hundred and forty thousand seven hundred and seventy-eight dollars and eighty-one cents, dated December fifteenth, nineteen hundred and six, received from China pursuant to the protocol of September seventh, nineteen hundred and one, for indemnity against losses and expenses incurred by reason of the so-called Boxer disturbances in China during the year nineteen hundred, so that the total payment to be made by China under the said bond shall be limited to the sum of thirteen million six hundred and fifty-five thousand four hundred and ninety-two dollars and sixty-nine cents and interest at the stipulated rate of four per centum per annum, and that the remainder of the indemnity to which the United States is entitled under the said protocol and bond may be remitted as an act of friendship, such payments and remission to be at such times and in such manner as the President shall deem just: Provided, That within one year from the passage of this resolution any person whose claim upon the Chinese indemnity, nineteen hundred, was presented to the United States commissioners or to the Department of State and disallowed in whole or in part may present the same by petition to the Court of Claims, which court is hereby invested with jurisdiction to hear and adjudicate such claim, without appeal, and to render such judgments de novo, or in addition to any allowance or allowances heretofore made, as, in each case shall be fully and substantially compensatory for actual losses and expenses of the claimant caused by the antiforeign disturbances in China during the year nineteen hundred, excluding merely speculative claims or elements of damage: And provided also, That the sum of two million dollars be reserved from the Chinese indemnity, nineteen hundred, for the payment of such judgments, the same to be paid by the Treasurer of the United States as and when they shall be certified to the Secretary of the Treasury by the said court, and any balance remaining after all such claims have been adjudicated and paid shall be returned to the Chinese Government in such manner as the Secretary of State shall decide, and the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to so return the same: And provided further, That all evidence furnished by the claimants, and statements made by them to the said commissioners or to the Department of State, shall be transmitted by the said Department to the said Court of Claims and considered together with such other additional testimony as may be presented by either side, and the Government of the United States shall defend the said claims in the said court by such attorney or attorneys as may be designated for such service by the Attorney-General of the United States: Provided further, That in no case shall the Court of Claims award a principal sum to any claimant which, together with the principal sums said claimant may have already received by decision of the United States commissioners and the Department of State, shall exceed the amount originally claimed by said claimant.

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