Chargé Carter to the Secretary of State.

No. 224.]

I am now informed that Sir Edward Grey has instructed Sir Arthur H. Hardinge to make to the Belgian Government the communication already arranged with the United States minister at Brussels, as stated in Mr. Reid’s No. 216,1 as soon as the latter is ready to do so. This will enable Sir Arthur H. Hardinge to act at once as soon as you see fit to instruct the United States minister at Brussels. Sir Edward Grey assures me that he is very glad to be in accord with you in this matter. In fact, he has always been so, though he left the time and opportunity to the discretion of the British minister at Brussels, whose delay no doubt may be explained By local conditions, such as the change of government, death of the prime minister, and the attitude of the present government, which, apparently, is more favorable to our mutual views.

  1. Not printed.