File No. 15984.

The Acting Secretary of State to Ambassador O’Brien.

No. 212.]

Sir: Referring to the department’s telegram of the 9th instant, directing you to request the provisional arrest and detention of Yoshitaro Abe, who is charged with forgery in Hawaii, and who is understood to be under arrest at Yokohama, I have now to inform you that the President has issued his warrant authorizing Chester A. Doyle to take the fugitive into custody and bring him to Hawaii, for surrender to the proper authorities of that Territory.

The warrant has been forwarded to the governor of Hawaii, and he has been told that Mr. Doyle should report to you, and that you would render the latter all proper assistance in the matter.

In inclose herewith the application of the governor of Hawaii for the extradition of Abe, together with the papers on which the application is based.1

[Page 513]

You will present these papers to the Japanese Government, accompanied by a formal requisition for the extradition of the fugitive.

I am, etc.,

Robert Bacon.
  1. Not printed.