File No. 5072/19–20.

Minister Knowles to the Secretary of State.

No. 33—Bulgarian Series.]

Sir: I have the honor to confirm my telegram of yesterday announcing that Prince Ferdinand, at Tirnovo, proclaimed the independence of Bulgaria, and to transmit herewith a copy of the official note from the foreign minister.

I have, etc.,

Horace G. Knowles.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs to Minister Knowles.

I have the honor of informing you that to-day, Monday, September 22 (October 5) His Highness the Prince, my August Sovereign, guided by the irrevocable desire of the people of all Bulgaria to remove the obstacles which have until the present retarded its regular development, and to put an end to the causes which have produced, with the neighboring Empire, relations of a nature to constantly disturb the peace and tranquillity of the Balkans, has proclaimed Bulgaria of the north and of the south an independent monarchy.

By this act His Royal Highness and his Government, in realizing the unanimous desire of the people, are animated by the sole desire of seeing Bulgaria come into the family of independent States, so as to devote itself wholly to peaceful prosperity.

The Government of His Majesty the King of Bulgaria is pleased to hope that your high Government will appreciate these legitimate desires of the people of Bulgaria and give to the Royal Bulgarian Government support and approval of this act of the people.

Ministre Paprikoff.