Minister Dodge to the Secretary of State.

No. 14, Honduranean series.]

Sir: Referring to Mr. Gregory’s dispatch, No. 9, Honduranean series, of the 1st instant, in regard to the surrender, as an act of comity, of fugitives from the justice of the United States, charged with embezzlement, pending the conclusion of an extradition treaty between the Governments of the United States and of Honduras, I have the honor to inclose to you herewith a copy of a note, with a translation into English, which I have prepared, dated the 28th ultimo, addressed by the Honduranean foreign office to our consul at Tegucigalpa, stating that the Honduranean Government will grant the extradition desired if the crime is of recent date and the party or parties are not Honduraneans.

I have, etc.,

H. Percival Dodge.
[Inclosure 1—Translation.]

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Honduras to Consul Alger.

Mr. Consul of the United States of America: I have received your esteemed favor of the 21st instant in which in compliance with instructions from the American legation you express a desire to know whether, pending the negotiations between both Governments for concluding an extradition treaty, the Government of Honduras would, as a matter of comity, deliver up fugitives from the justice of the United States accused of malversation of funds, or embezzlement. At the same time you are kind enough to inform me that the American Government can not offer reciprocity in this matter for the reason that the laws of the country expressly forbid it.

In reply I am pleased to inform you that in the interests of justice, which require in all cases the punishment of crimes of a serious nature, and in view of the close relations of friendship existing between Honduras and the United States, my Government will, as an act of international courtesy, accede to the request for extradition before the conclusion of the negotiations mentioned, it being understood that the fugitive or fugitives are not Honduraneans, and that the crime is of recent date and of such a serious character that the surrendering of fugitives from justice is justified by satisfying a public desire for atonement.

With my highest consideration, I am, your obedient servant,

E. Constantino Fiallos.