File No. 7357/310 B.

The Acting Secretary of State to Minister Dodge.


This Government rightfully expostulated against cancellation without notification to us or opportunity for concurrent disposal of the Ceiba incident in the diplomatic way with full consideration of facts on both sides.

Our note to Ugarte was the first statement of international record. When it was written we only had before us the consul’s report that his exequatur was revoked. That note was followed by our suggestion that restoration of status quo would permit the two Governments to deal in concert with the question on terms of equality. Ugarte’s reply refuses this, treats the cancellation as a finality, and, while promising to produce justificatory proofs, gives no indication of willingness of Honduras to listen to our side of the case. He broadly hints that, having taken the step, Honduras could only reconsider by yielding to the pressure of a strong nation against a weak one. We have merely asked for fair play and a just disposal of the incident by agreement of the two Governments meeting as equals. We can accept no less than this. We could not enter into any discussion which disregards equality and treats the course of Honduras as irrevocable.