File No. 2126/309.

The Haitian Minister to the Acting Secretary of State.


My Dear Mr. Bacon: I can not go too far in thanking you and in asking you to thank Mr. Root for kindly forbidding the legation and consulates of the United States to receive hereafter persons that may be wanted by the Haitian authorities. The alleged right of asylum, as exercised in Haiti, was a direct encouragement to the spirit of disorder when it did not paralyze the action of territorial justice. Certain agitators, indeed, did not hesitate to foment insurrections, feeling sure in advance that, in case of failure, they would find a convenient refuge in the legations and consulates; some, who were charged with purely common-law crimes, have been known thus to seek unwarrantable protection.

By taking the initiative in abolishing this alleged right of asylum, the Government of the United States has given the Republic of Haiti unquestionable evidence of its benevolent disposition and, I am sure, it will further testify its sympathy for my country by aiding it in obtaining from the powers of Europe that they will wholly relinquish a practice which, as demonstrated by experience, has more than once threatened to impair the friendly relations with Haiti.

Thanking you in advance, I gladly embrace this opportunity to renew to you, etc.

J. N. Léger.