File No. 2126/63.

Minister Furniss to the Secretary of State.


Mr. Furniss reports it is announced that Gonaives has surrendered and that the principal revolutionary leaders are at the French consulate there, which, doubtless, will put an end to the revolution. States that the Haitian Government has informed the diplomatic corps that it will oppose the embarkation of the revolutionary leaders in the consulates at Gonaives and St. Marc upon the ground that they have committed crimes punishable by law. Mr. Furniss also states that the revolutionists at St. Marc were at the United States consular agency when the agent was dismissed January 23, and although there has been no agency there since that time, the minister for foreign affairs announces that the revolutionists are considered under the protection of the United States. Adds that the Gonaives archives are in the custody of Hugo Jurgensen, a German merchant, and that as the steamer for New York will call at St. Marc February 1, it will be necessary to designate him agent, temporarily, which course it is the intention of the consulate to pursue.