The Minister for Foreign Affairs to Ambassador Reid.

Your Excellency: On the 18th ultimo your excellency proposed, on behalf of the United States Government, that, as arbitration in regard to the Newfoundland fisheries question could not be arranged before the forthcoming fishery season, the modus vivendi of last year should be renewed with the same elasticity as before for the parties concerned to make local arrangements satisfactory to both sides.

I have the honor to inform your excellency that the Newfoundland Government, having been consulted on the subject, have expressed the desire that the herring fishery during the ensuing season should be conducted on the same principles as in the season of 1907, and formally undertake to permit during this year the conduct of the herring fishery as last year.

As the arrangements for last year were admittedly satisfactory to all concerned in the fishing, His Majesty’s Government hope that the United States Government will see their way to accept this formal assurance on the part of the Newfoundland Government as a satisfactory arrangement for the season of 1908. If this course be adopted it would seem unnecessary to enter into any further formal arrangements, seeing that the communication of this assurance to the United States Government and its acceptance by them would be tantamount to a modus vivendi.

I have the honor to be, with the highest consideration, your excellency’s most obedient, humble servant,

Louis Mallet.

Sir Edward Grey