File No. 6807/8–10.

The Acting Secretary of State to Ambassador Tower.

No. 815.]

Sir: Supplementing my instruction No. 814, of even date,2 dealing with the case of Charles Stoetzel, a native of Alsace-Lorraine, duly naturalized as a citizen of the United States through the naturalization of his father, George Stoetzel, while Charles Stoetzel was a minor residing in the United States, whose citizenship has been denied by the German Government, it is to be observed that this case points the argument of this Government set forth in instruction No. 615, of February 27, 1907,1 in favor of an agreement by treaty or otherwise with Germany which will put American citizens born in Alsace-Lorraine upon the same footing as other American citizens of German origin returning to Germany for legitimate purposes.

You reported in your No. 1121 of March 15, 1907,3 that you had addressed the imperial secretary of state for foreign affairs upon the subject of such an agreement and that he had expressed an interest in the question and recalled the fact that he had suggested the possibility of a treaty upon the subject in a note which he addressed [Page 377] to you on May 22, 1906, a copy of which you inclosed to the department with your No. 972 of May 30, 1906.1 He also promised that he would take up the subject with the chancellor of the Empire, the minister of justice, and such other authorities as must be consulted under the German procedure and hoped to give you a reply in the course of the following week.

The department has received no further advice from you on this subject and you are, therefore, instructed again to bring the matter to the attention of the German Government, at the same time urging that the questions involved be given consideration and representing the obvious benefit to the relations of both Governments which would follow the negotiation of the agreement desired.

I am, etc.,

Robert Bacon.