File No. 8327/3–4.

Chargé Tarler to the Secretary of State.

No. 773.]

Sir: For the information of the Public Health and Marine Hospital Service, Treasury Department, I have the honor to inclose in duplicate copy of the provisional governor’s decree, No. 935, issued on the 26th instant, appropriating $100,000 to carry on the sanitary service in the municipalities, especially the campaign against yellow fever.

I have, etc.,

G. Cornell Tarler.

[Inclosure 1.—Translation.]

[From the Official Gazette, Sept. 28, 1908.]

Gobireno Provisional.

Decree No. 935.]

Whereas it is necessary to continue preventative work against yellow fever in the Republic, I, Charles E. Magoon, by virtue of the authority vested in rue as provisional governor of Cuba,

Resolve, That the sum of $100,000 is hereby appropriated from the balance in the treasury, to carry on the sanitary services in municipalities, and for material and personal services required for the special work against yellow fever in the localities where necessary.

Charles B. Magoon,
Provisional Governor.

[Inclosure 2.—Translation.]

[From the Official Gazette, Sept. 28, 1908.]

Decree No. 938.]

Whereas the Government has received information that in the city of Sancti Spiritus, Province of Santa Clara, and at the time that a political meeting was taking place, a serious disturbance of order occurred, resulting in the death of one man and in the wounding of others;

Whereas the Government deems proper, in order that the investigation may be promptly conducted and the facts ascertained, in order that the proper liability may be enforced against the violators of the law, to detail a special judge to go to said city and continue the preliminary proceedings already instituted:

Therefore availing myself of the powers vested in me,

I Resolve, To appoint Mr. José Manuel Guerrero y Dueñas, judge of examination of the western district of this city to proceed, as judge on a special detail, to Sancti Spiritus, with the subordinate personnel that he may consider necessary and continue the conduction of the preliminary proceedings referred to and to give him jurisdiction to act throughout the territory of the Republic, and instructing him to leave for said city to-night.

Charles E. Magoon,
Provisional Governor.

Manuel Landa,
Acting Head of the Department of Justice.