File No. 4062/6.

The Secretary of State to Ambassador Francis.

No. 78.]

Sir: I inclose copies of correspondence1 with Harold E. Parsons, Esq., Cleveland, Ohio, relative to the case of the expulsion from Austria of Mr. Selig Fink.

In view of the fact that Mr. Fink is a duly naturalized citizen of the United States and was provided with a passport, dated July 6, 1905, and at the time of his emigration owed the Austrian Government no military service, and that he left that country, as far as appears, in good standing, you are instructed to exercise further good offices in order that the decree of expulsion may be extended until May of the present year, or until Mr. Fink may have the opportunity to attend to his legitimate business in Austria.

I am, etc.,

E. Root.
  1. Not printed.