File No. 8682/4.

The Argentine Minister to the Secretary of State.


Mr. Secretary of State: Under date of August 28, I had the honor to address to your excellency a note by which I asked that you be so good as to direct certain action to be taken by the police with the view of ascertaining the whereabouts of Oreste Rosen indicted by the Argentine justice for fraudulent bankruptcy and supposed to have taken refuge in this country. Your excellency deigned to say in reply to that request, on October 15, that the offense with which Rosen was charged not being among those specified in the extradition treaty in force between the United States and the Argentine Republic, private detective agencies should be applied to to obtain this kind of information.

This reply from your excellency’s Government was in due course transmitted by me to my Government which instructs me to express the surprise it has caused, inasmuch as the Argentine authorities have always entertained and acted on similar requests of the legation [Page 13] of the United States at Buenos Aires, on the assumption that they would stand on reciprocity in full accord with international usage.

Having thus complied with my Government’s instructions, I have pleasure in renewing, etc.,

Epifanio Portela.