File No. 6775/99.

The Mexican Chargé to the Acting Secretary of State.

No. 38.]

Honorable Sir: Confirming the information I had the honor to bring to you in our interview to-day, beg to say that President Diaz has received, through the consul-general of Mexico at Tegucigalpa, a message from the President of the Republic of Honduras, in which he says that general peace in Central America mainly depends on Honduras succeeding in maintaining absolute neutrality, and that this is the indispensable measure without which war can not be averted; if, therefore, President Diaz and President Roosevelt do not succeed, without waiting until the peace conference meets, in obtaining an assurance that the neighboring governments will not covertly support an invasion of Honduras, and in securing an effective guaranty of the neutrality of Honduras, the President of that Republic entertains no hope in the present situation. President Davila ends his telegram by saying that he has received confirmation of the report, which is absolutely true, that ex-President Bonilla is in Guatemala at the disposition of President Estrada Cabrera, of that Republic, ready to start an immediate invasion of Honduras, which President Diaz alone could avert.

The consul-general of Mexico at Tegucigalpa adds in his message that the foregoing hardly affords an idea of the actual conditions and that there will shortly be a disturbance of the peace in Central America unless the governments of Mexico and of the United States can prevent it.

In compliance with instructions received from my government, I have the honor to communicate the foregoing to your excellency for the information of the most excellent President of the United States of America and at the same time present myself to inquire in the name of my government what, in his opinion, is the action to be taken.

I have pleasure, etc.,

José F. Godoy.