File No. 6775/112.

The President of Guatemala to President Roosevelt.


I have had the honor to receive the invitation which Your Excellency was pleased to address to me for my help in the realization of the friendly purposes of Your Excellency, refraining from any action that might tend to increase the dangers of the present situation of some of the Central American countries, and advocating their resort to the means of diplomacy to obtain peace not only for their benefit but also the benefit of the world, to which end Your Excellency is animated to the most efficacious cooperation with the President of Mexico, exerting a friendly influence as Your Excellency has done before in similar cases, and suggesting a conference between the representatives of Central American Republics, toward the beneficent results of which Your Excellency cordially offers the earnest offices of the United States. In reply, it is very gratifying to me to state to Your Excellency that I am in all respects of your opinion and share your benevolent feelings in favor of these nations and of the world’s peace, and that I, too, am determined to labor with Your Excellency and His Excellency the President of Mexico toward the attainment of such noble purposes, which are the same that have guided me not only at the present time but under the same conditions that previously have arisen. With that purpose I address myself to-day to all the Presidents of the Central American States, expressing the hope that they will accept the conference and thus reward Your Excellency’s generous initiative that you have taken for peace in Central America, be assured, etc.,

M. Estrada C.