File No. 6775/115.

The President of Costa Rica to President Roosevelt.


Having received Your Excellency’s telegraphic message, it is very gratifying to me to express to you the thankfulness with which I regard your interest in the peace and well-being of these Republics, which Your Excellency brings into clear relief on this occasion as on former occasions.

The traditional policy of Costa Rica, which is firmly upheld by my Government, has been to maintain the most friendly relations with the sister Republics of Central America, and to omit no possible means of contributing to the conservation of Central American peace.

Entertaining these views, nothing can be more satisfactory to me than to defer with pleasure to the desires of Your Excellency and of His Excellency the President of the United States of Mexico, concurring with you and him in your efforts in favor of the peace which is so necessary to our countries for their development, especially as the relations of Costa Rica with the other Republics of Central America are in every way cordial—we being entirely aloof from any difference, and in a position to cooperate to the proposed end.

Cleto Gonzalez Viquez.