File No. 6775/73.

The President of Salvador to President Roosevelt.


I greatly appreciate the sentiments expressed in your courteous telegram of yesterday, and I assure you that I am ready to cooperate in all possible ways to the attainment of the end which we all so ardently desire—durable peace.

I highly esteem the honor which Your Excellency and His Excellency President Diaz have done me by your good offices and efforts to aid in bringing about a friendly adjustment of the difficulties which may exist between several of the Central American Republics, and I can assure you that not only will Salvador abstain from any steps which might enhance the gravity of the situation, but that I shall do everything within my reach to aid Your Excellency in any way which may be possible.

I am in accord with the suggestion of a peace conference, and I deem it, if our hopes be realized, the appropriate way to bring about an immediate and lasting peace in all Central America.

Fernando Figueroa.