File No. 8430–1.

Minister Russell to the Secretary of State.

No. 231.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose you herewith a copy and translation of the executive decree by which Pampatar, Island of Margarita, is made an open port.

I have, etc.,

William W. Russell.
[Page 1098]


General Cipriano Castro, restorer of Venezuela, and constitutional President of the Republic, in exercise of the powers with which I am vested:


  • Article 1. The port of Pampatar is hereby constituted the only open port for the importation and exportation of the Island of Margarita, in accordance with the provisions of article 20, Law XIV of the Hacienda Code.
  • Art. 2. The ultramarine period given in article 225, Law XVI of the Hacienda Code, and counting from the date herewith, is granted for the purposes of carrying out this decree; and at the end of said period the custom-house at Pampatar shall proceed to collect import duties, the same as the other open ports of the Republic.
  • Art. 3. The executive decree of April 5, 1905, is hereby annulled.
  • Art. 4. The minister of hacienda and public credit is charged with the execution of this decree.

Given, signed, sealed, etc., etc., etc.

Cipriano Castro.