File No. 10570/–23.

The Secretary of State to Minister Russell.

No. 114.]

Sir: The department has received your No. 258, of the 7th instant, inclosing seven applications for registration as citizens of the United States made before the consular agent at Caracas.

The department’s circular instruction of April 19, 1907, entitled “Registration of American Citizens,”a provides that registration shall be made before principal consular officers, and these applications should, therefore, be sent to the consul at La Guayra.

With reference to your inquiry concerning the registration of Porto Ricans you are informed that the department has ruled that they may be registered under the same regulations as are applicable to citizens of the United States, the forms being so amended as to describe them as citizens of Porto Rico.

The papers are returned herewith.

I am, etc.,

Elihu Root.
  1. See under “Circulars.”