File No. 2618/3.

The Acting Secretary of State to the Brazilian Ambassador.

No. 46.]

Excellency: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the 18th instanta by which, in accordance with the wish of the Portuguese Government, you inform this department that the Government of Portugal will publish in Lisbon on the 24th of the present month the ratification of the commercial agreement with the United States relative to Porto Rico, which was signed on November 19, 1902. You express the hope of the Portuguese Government that a corresponding proclamation of the agreement will be issued in this country.

In reply I have the honor to inform you that the agreement will be proclaimed by the President in the 24th instant, in order to make its publication simultaneous in both countries.

Accept, etc.,

Robert Bacon.
  1. Not printed. The Brazilian ambassador was acting on behalf of the Portuguese Government.