File No. 2151/29.

The French Chargé to the Acting Secretary of State.


Dear Mr. Adee: Nine Europeans, of whom there were three Frenchmen, three Italians, and two Spaniards, were murdered at Casablanca on July 30. The victims were employed by a French company which had contracted for the harbor improvements and had laid a working decauville (light narrow-gauge railroad).

The French residents succeeded, with great trouble, in boarding the vessels in the roadstead; some of our people remained with the acting consul.

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The Government of the Republic immediately took the necessary steps to bring relief to foreigners of all nationalities.

The Galilee, then at Tangier, set out for Casablanca, where it was due on the 1st of August; the Forbin, then in the Azores, has been ordered to join, and two cruisers sailed for Oran, where they will be ready for any emergency.

The French representative at Casablanca, in company with the commanding officer of the Galilee, will call on the governor, and will hold him responsible, on his life, for the public safety.

His Excellency M. Pichon has instructed me to acquaint the Secretary of State, in a private interview, with the measures taken, as above stated, by the Government of the Republic, in the interest of the foreign residents. Being unable at present to have a talk with you, I deem it my duty to communicate the information to you in a personal letter, and beg that you will kindly give immediate knowledge of it to His Excellency Mr. Root.

Be pleased, etc.,

Des Portes.