File No. 2483/3.

The Acting Secretary of State to Ambassador Thompson.

No. 182.]

Sir: Referring to your dispatch No. 313, of November 15, 1906,a and to the letter of the Secretary of Agriculture of the 8th instant, copy of which is inclosed herewith, relative to the requirement by the Mexican Government that American meat certificates shall be viséed by a Mexican consular officer, you are instructed to use your good offices with the Government of Mexico in order to induce it, if possible, to accept the certificates without the requirement in question, on the ground of mutuality of interest in the commercial relations between the two countries.

I am, etc.,

Robert Bacon.

The Secretary of Agriculture to the Secretary of State.

Sir: Referring to your letter of November 27 last, 2883/2, I have the honor to suggest that this certificate for meat products, when issued, represents an official certificate from this Government. In view of this fact, I desire to know whether in your opinion the Government of Mexico should require the certificates to be viséed by a Mexican consular officer. It would appear to me to be an unnecessary requirement.

I have, etc.,

James Wilson, Secretary.